Eco Air™ Pallet

Designed to hold 1,000 kg safely without the weight of wood.

The strongest & lightest pallet on earth.

Much of the world’s forests are used to make wooden pallets so we created EcoAir™.
A lightweight pallet that is made from 94% air with no toxic substances and 100% recyclable.

Light-weight, recyclable, wood alternative.

Usage duration is 5-7 x's more than a traditional wooden pallet.

Elimination of splinters, nails, and other common wood-pallet debris.

Made of a non-toxic expanded polystyrene (EPS) inner core and outer high-impact resistant polystyrene (HIPS).

Reduction of toxic-chemical contamination for employees and consumers.

Save as much as approx. 70% in freight costs over wood or hard plastic pallets.

Ease of transport and logistics friendly

3.1 - 4.5 kg per pallet.

Ideal for air, ground, and ocean-cargo shipments. Weight reductions per pallet space create significant cost and carbon emission savings.

Perfect for pharmaceutical, food, and electronics industries as well as for additional consumer goods.


How is an Eco™ Pallet different from normal wood pallets?

Our Eco™ Pallet utilizes a one of a kind, patent pending spray technology that once applied creates a stronger more durable surface than that of a plain wooden pallet.

What is the shelf life of EcoX™ Pallets?

With regular use our pallets are built to last upwards of a maximum of 15 years and a minimum of 5-7 under normal conditions.

Are the pallets prone to contamination?

The EcoAir™ and EcoLife™ pallets are both hermatically sealed resulting in a surface that is non-porous as well as water, chemical, and bacteria resistant.

What is the technology used on the EcoX™ pallet?

Our patent pending spray technology has been developed with multiple benefits for both the pallet’s structure and the user.

Is the patent pending spray material non-toxic?

Yes! All testing data is available upon your request.

How is the EcoLife™ pallet sustainable?

EcoLife™ pallets eliminate the need for the cutting of new trees as they are created from upcycled wood and can be recycled themselves. The quality of the pallet ensures that each can also be reused and repaired. Once our patent pending spray is applied to the wood it becomes 10X’s stronger and more durable and therefore longer lasting. The CO2 emission in comparison to a typical chemically treated wood and hard plastic pallets is virtually zero. It releases no CO2 or other harmful gasses during its manufacturing process or lifetime. It is also free from solvents, contains no plasticizers or PFAS, and contains no volatile organic compounds. Also no materials from this particular pallet end up in a landfill.

Are your pallets biodegradable?

The EcoLife™ pallet in particular is a pallet with a circular economy, which means that this particular pallet does not have waste that ends up in a landfill. During the production of the EcoLife™ Pallet, we use renewable sources and ensure waste production is minimized. “Reuse, reduce, recycle and repair” are the words we live by. This pallet happily never needs to be sent to a landfill.

Plastic pallets are also recyclable too, so what’s the difference?

Plastic accounts for 3.4% of global greenhouse gas emissions and globally only 9% of plastics are able to be recycled. Eco Pallet is responsible for recycling its materials and helps ensure a greener planet.

How can I recycle my EcoAir™ pallets?

The two best methods are through re-creating the original EPS by heating and reforming or by simply re-purposing the material into other products.

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